Fence Infill Panels / Screens

Aluminium infill fence panels and above a slatted screen above the glass windows and doors.

Fence Infill Panels / Screens

Slim infill fence panels in the fence and slatted screens on the residence. Give your home this executive look. Talk to Hi-Liner about your design ideas.

Fence Infill Panels / Gates

Executive style infill fence panels with matching single and double sliding gate. Fence your home to look this good. This fence has infill gardens and lighting making it stand out in the street.

Privacy Slatted Screen Wall

Slatted screen privacy wall. Apart from full privacy, this slatted screen wall protects the inside area from the weather.

Privacy Slatted Screens

External window privacy panels. Slatted screens may be erected anywhere privacy is required. Talk to Bevan at Hi-Liner with your ideas.

Infill Panel Fence

Infill panel fencing. Long and slim and coloured to suit your property. This executive home has infill gates to enhance the fence's beauty.

Privacy Screens Pool

Dividing property privacy slatted screens.

Infill Panels

Low look infill fence. Infill fence panels are manufactured to suit the concrete work. The concrete work here is low allowing the infill panels to blend in and show off the picturesque garden.

Privacy Screen Window

Slatted screens for windows, designed for privacy, security or western sun. Slatted screens are available in many colours.

Privacy Screens Windows

Fitting window shade panels. Hi-Liner can fit many styles of screens. Talk to Hi-Liner about your ideas.

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