Aluminium Pool Gate

Pool gates are the most important part of a pool fence. Here Hi-Liner have set an aluminium gate to the aluminium pool fence.

Pedestrian Front Gate

This custom gate was manufactured to suit the fence and surroundings. Custom panels may be manufactured in aluminium or glass sections. Talk to Bevan and the Boys at Hi-Liner Pool and Aluminium Fencing about your ideas. Their quotes are free.

Pedestrian Canal Gate

Marina safety gate opening to a waterfront canal pontoon.

Frameless Glass and Pool Gate

New style gating system for fully frame-less pool glass fixed to the block wall. This gating system was manufactured to modify the stair pool access to the swimming pool.

Glass Pool Gate and Hinge

Remember to shut the gate. Every Hi-Liner glass gate is installed to Australian standards AS1926.1

Aluminium Custom Gate

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